Tractica: Rapid Growth for Smart Headphones

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Smart headphones are a "new direction" for headphones and personal audio devices, Tractica reports-- one forecast to see rapid growth over the next several future, with 2017 sales reaching 5.6 million.

Tractica headphone

Such sales are a massive increase from the 833000 units sold in 2016. Furthermore, 2022 smart headphone sales are expected to rise to 13.7m, while revenues are set to reach $2.2 billion. However, despite such numbers, the analyst still points out the issues which might hamper the device category in the long term.

“Despite all the smart features fueling the excitement about smart headphones, a lot still needs fixing in terms of basic functionality, such as reliable Bluetooth connectivity, comfort, and battery life,” Tractica remarks. “Most smart headphones only come with 2 to 4 hours of battery life on a single charge, and with a small form factor that needs to fit a lot of hardware, there tend to be issues with the bulk and comfort factor for extended periods of use. Also, it is not very clear what smart features are likely to be popular among end users, who for the most part, are looking for usability and sound quality as their top feature sets. For now, smart headphones are an interesting step forward for headphones, but their role in terms of the future of computing is yet to be determined.”

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