Power the PowerWatch X With Body Heat

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Matrix suggests an interesting means to charge wearable devices at CES 2018-- the PowerWatch X uses excess body heat as a power source, thanks to a proprietary thermoelectric energy converter.

PowerWatch XThe PowerWatch X is a sequel to the PowerWatch, a device launched via Indiegogo back in 2016. The first generation PowerWatch also charged using body heat, but it was a limited device, being little more than a watch with a basic fitness tracker. The second generation wearable ups the functionality, with smartphone notification support turning into an actual smartwatch.

On the fitness side the PowerWatch X tracks burned calories, advanced activities and sleep. It also tells the user how much power they need to supply in order to charge it. Construction also gets an update, with a bulky body promising to be both stronger and more durable, as well as water resistance up to 200m.

The PowerWatch X ships from January 2018.

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