The Top Apple Stories of 2017

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Apple 2017As 2017 comes to a close-- a most tumultuous of years, by any standard imaginable-- it is time to look back at the biggest stories surrounding Apple and its ecosystem, which range from iPhone revamps to the company showing its industry clout...

  • The iPhone X: An unsurprising choice for biggest story, but then again the iPhone X remains big news, even 3 months after it was used to inaugurate Apple's new, purpose-built Steve Jobs Theatre. At first glance the iPhone X does look like, well, a regular iPhone, but with its 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, lack of Home button, wireless charging and quietly clever "Face ID" camera, it remains "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone."
  • Apple Watch 3: The September Apple event also brought about the 3rd iteration of the Watch (still a main wearables market driver, for anyone who's checking). The update brings the Dick Tracy 2-way wrist radio dream to life, as an electronic SIM and an antenna built right in the display allow cellular connectivity without need for iPhone tethering.
  • Voice Control Hit the Mainstream: Speakers with built-in voice controlled assistants were all the rage at IFA 2017, with just about every company worth their salt showing off such a product at the show. Apple is not one to be left out of a party, as seen at WWDC 2017's reveal of the HomePod, the Siri-powered take on the Amazon Echo. Presented in a simple white cylinder, it unfortunately only ships on "early 2018," since the company needs a "little more time" before the speaker is ready for launch.
  • Apple, GPU Maker: Apple used to rely on Imagination Technologies for the PowerVR graphics technology inside iDevices. However April 2017 saw the iPhone maker announced it was dropping its partnership with the British firm, instead preferring to build its own technology. The result? The A11 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 8 and X, whose custom silicon handles graphics tasks.
  • Apple, (part) Toshiba Owner: About a year ago Toshiba put its prized memory business-- the Toshiba Memory Corporation, aka TMC-- on sale, following massive losses suffered by its nuclear power subsidiary. Eventually a buyer came forward in the shape of a consortium formed by, among others, Apple. The company reportedly contributes $3 billion to an $18 billion pot bringing together Bain Capital, Foxconn and SK Hynix.
  • iMac Goes Pro: This year's WWDC was unusually hardware focused, considering the main focus of the conference is traditionally software. After all, as well as the aforementioned HomePod Apple took time to reveal a long awaited update on the iMac Pro. A pro-class machine featuring a 27-inch 5K display, it offers  up to 18-core Xeon processors and up to 22 Tflops of graphics performance to make "the most powerful Mac ever made." Oh and the enclosure comes in a slick shade of space gray.