An HDR Standard for PC Monitors

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Customers wanting to know the HDR capability of a future monitor get a helping hand from the DisplayHDR-- a VESA standard setting baseline HDR quality levels for PC displays.

HDR monitorDeveloped with the input of over two dozen member companies, the High-Performance Monitor and Display Compliance Test Specification (or DisplayHDR) measure 3 distinct levels of HDR performance. These are baseline (DisplayHDR 400), mid-range (DisplayHDR 600) and high-end (DisplayHDR 1000), with each level based on 8 parameters.

To determine the level of a monitor VESA holds a number of tests, including 3 peak luminance tests involving 3 scenarios (small spot/high luminance, brief period full-screen flash luminance and bright environments), 2 contrast measurement tests (one for native panel contrast, the other for local dimming), colour tests (BT.709 and DCI-P3 gamuts), bit-depth requirement tests and an HDR response performance test.

The version of the DisplayHDR standard focuses on LCDs, but a future release will also take OLED and other display technologies in  consideration. Initial products with DisplayHDR compliance will make a showing at CES 2018.

Go VESA Defines New Standard to Help Speed PC Industry Adoption of HDR Technology