Faster Photo Transfers With CamFi Pro

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CamFi promises faster wireless photo transfers between cameras and PCs with the Pro-- a camera controller using 802.11ac wifi to push photos 2-3x faster than the wifi found built-in most camera bodies.

CamFi ProAccording to the company, most wifi-enabled cameras use 802.11n, meaning photo transfers can take as long as 30 seconds. The Pro doubles the speed through a connection reaching up to 10MB/s, an improvement over the 2MB/s of many built-in connection systems. This allows users to transfer larger RAW files to other devices, as well as the sending of a JPEG of a file to a device for an almost instant view of a shot.

Other features include camera control via CamFI app for HDR shots, time lapses, focus stacking, multi-camera control and even automatic printing when paired with the CamFi Matrix program. It can also act as a remote trigger for selfies and the like.

The Pro is compatible with a number of cameras from Canon, Nikon and even some Sony bodies. It is currently available on a preorder basis via Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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