A Profitable Motion

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James Dobson

Consumer electronics distributors and dealers (even big retailers like Best Buy, MediaMarkt, Carrefour and others move to add new categories of technology which bring added profits—especially since PCs, smartphones and TV sales have matured.

Our editors sit down with James Dobson, EMEA Sales Director for Razor, global leaders in wheeled goods innovation as he prepares new product introductions for the CES Las Vegas. He’s meeting Europeans—distributors and retailers—there to show how CE partners can move into this new product category.

I guess we should have expected this broadening of the product range inside CE/PC stores. The big food stores before us actually have a name for this widening of the product mix: they call it non-food merchandising and it’s a huge part of their success. How advanced is this in America?

It’s no secret that our successful American chains like Best Buy have proven by experiment that their retail sales areas can win consumers to new product categories that are not solely electronics.
It makes sense the same type of customers who want the latest PC or smartphone (and they come in all ages, all demographics) also want to buy other “cool” products.

Why e-mobility products?

We’ve always had a close relationship to technology fans who love innovation. We sell personal mobility products from youth to adult, to much of the same target group. Our Razor Hovertraax 2.0 was the Best Selling Toy in America last year—and that’s quite a feat.

Now as the crossover between the young adult skateboarding/scooter world and the young professional commuting world continues, we find ourselves with increasing opportunities. For consumers of all ages who appreciate technology, there’s a healthy link between having the coolest gadget and having the coolest personal mobility.

Razor TurboJetts

And our market segment is all about technology. You don’t get to be a leader in the American market without investing in constant innovation. For example, at this CES, we’ll be showing our European customers our new TurboJetts, motorized heel wheels.

Our stand will be action-packed with demos of never-seen-before products and I think that excitement will remind you of the early days in PC or smartphone sales.

Why CES?

CES is of course a global center for technology. And this famous show, just like the CE market, has widened to include many new non-CE product categories. Mobility, if you think about it, is a very big part of CES. From General Motors and Mercedes to our Razor scooters, mobility is all about innovation and Las Vegas is the place to be.

Besides that, many of our current European retail customers attend CES regularly. We are also hoping to meet new retailers and distributors from EMEA as they learn that our type of products mesh well with CE sales.

Supposing a distributor or retailer has no idea of how move in this direction?

That’s all the more reason to advantage of our service and come visit us at CES. We’ve already broken the trail. We know what needs to be done. While we are open to some new distributor and retailer customers, we already sell well in European CE outlets in certain countries. Just like we do in USA.

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