LG Realigns Mobile Business

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LG announces a "sweeping realignment" across its various business, including the appointment of a new CEO for its mobile division-- Hwang Jeong-hwan, who replaces current chief Juno Cho.

LG LogoJeong-hwan is a long-time LG employee, having been involvied in the development of one of the first LG smartphones in 2009 as head of the CTO's multimedia R&D lab. In the meantime Juno Cho gets a new role within the LG parent company.

Another leadership change comes in the shape of a new CTO-- LG Software Centre head Dr. Park Il-pyung replaces current CTO Dr. Skott Ahn. Prior to joining LG, Dr. Park was CTO at the now Samsung-owned Harman International, as well as head of the Samsung Intelligent Computing Lab. Dr. Park also holds a number of computing patents, together with a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

LG's Western Europe operation also gets a new leader with president Brian Na, who previously led the company's global marketing efforts. In turn he is replaced by former VP of appliance marketing communications Hang Chang-hee.

A final announcement from the Korean company comes in the establishment of an LG B2B Company to oversee all business-to-business product sales, including energy, information displays and vertical solutions. Leading this division is former head of LG business solutioons and India operations Kwon Soon-hwang.

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