SmartHalo Arrives in Apple Stores

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The SmartHalo-- an iPhone-compatible accessory providing cyclists with navigation, fitness and safety functionality-- arrives at Apple retail locations, starting from N. America.

SmartHaloA Kickstarter success story, the SmartHalo locks to bike handlebars. It pairs with a companion app (on iPhone 4S and higher) via Bluetooth 4.0, and uses a ring light to guide cyclists to their destination using either a turn-by-turn or compass-style lighting mode system.

In addition, a blue dot light illuminates for incoming lights, and a front light turns on or off according to the time of day and when a trip is in progress. A final feature has it record fitness data (such as calories burned) for syncing with the Apple Health app.

Built to remain on bikes semi-permanently, the SmartHalo features weatherproof housing and a 3-week battery-- assuming the user rides for 1 hour every day. As such, it can only be detached for charging using a special key, and an alarm sounds in case of tampering.

The SmartHalo is available now.

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