How to Charge and Back Up the iPhone

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Western Digital presents an interesting 2-in-1 SanDisk solution-- the iXpand Base, a device providing customers means to charge the iPhone while backing up its photos, videos and contacts.

iXpand BaseThe iXpand Base has a Lightning cable on one side and a power cord on the other. According to WD, it is designed for charging the iPhone on a nightly basis, and while the smartphone is charging it backs up all critical files via iXpand Base app, thus providing automatic nightly backups.

Internal storage totals up to 256GB, and it can be used to offload photos and other files to save iPhone space. The backup feature also allows one to easily transfer contents to a new phone, since it simply involves installing the companion app and plugging it in.

"iPhone users care deeply about their content and understand the importance of protecting it," the company says. "Our top priority is to offer convenient solutions like the iXpand Base that fit with people's everyday habits so they don't have to change their routine, and never have to worry about losing memories."

The iXpand Base is available now in 32, 64 and 128GB versions.

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