An iPhone Case to Charge the AirPods

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Pebble creator Eric Migicovsky takes to Kickstarter to launch the PodCase-- an iPhone case designed to make the life of AirPods user a little bit easier via integrated charger.

PodcaseMigicovsky describes the PodCase as a "slim case for carrying and charging your iPhone and AirPods." It features a 2500mAh battery (allowing for either 40 AirPod charges or one iPhone charge) together with a USB-C port for the charging of other devices, such as a MacBook. Grooves on the back allow one to slot the AirPods in place when not in use.

The PodCase should be available in two sizes fitting the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with models to fitting the next iPhone to follow once Apple reveals the necessary details. As for the team behind it, it is small yet fairly experienced, as it also has Steve Johns, one of the leading industrial designers at Pebble, and Avagant co-founder Allan Evans.

Should the Kickstarter campaign be successful the PodCase promises to ship from February 2018.

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