Strategy Analytics: Apple En Route Towards Trillion Dollar Phone

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According to Strategy Analytics, iPhone shipments over the past 10 years total 1.2 billion units-- and if the next iPhone retains this successful streak it is set to become the "first trillion-dollar smartphone" by end 2018.

best iPhones“We estimate the iPhone has cumulatively generated $760bn of global revenue for Apple between 2007 and the most recent quarter of Q2 2017," the analyst says. "Revenues continue to grow and we predict the iPhone will become the world’s first trillion-dollar smartphone by the end of 2018.”

So far the best-selling smartphone model is the iPhone 7, the result of sleek design, large app ecosystem and an extensive global retail presence. As such, it remains "wildly popular" in all major markets, with the exceptions being China and India, where local competition from Chinese brands and high pricing make it tough for even Apple to gain traction.

Meanwhile, ahead of the next iPhone launch, TrendForce has predictions on the overall smartphone market-- total global volume will total 1.4bn in 2017, an annual increase of 4.8%. iPhone volumes (including all previous models) are to total 227.5 million in 2017, a 4.8% increase.

Go Strategy Analytics: Apple Has Shipped 1.2 Billion Phones in the Past 10 Years

Go TrendForce Estimates Total Worldwide iPhone Production Volume for 2017 to Increase by 5.6% Annually to Around 227.5 Million Units