Twelve South Brings Curve Stand Back

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Accessory maker Twelve South announces the Curve-- a comeback of the iCurve stand, feauturing an "elegant" design promising to elevate an Apple notebook to an ideal angle.

CurveLaunched back in 2003, the original iCurve was the first stand designed by Twelve South co-founder Andrew Green. The Curve is a similar offering, built out of aluminium with a matte black finish to match the new Space Grey MacBooks. It elevates the notebook by 16.5cm and keeps 70% of the base exposed through an open bottom, allowing for better cooling.

"I knew someday I wanted to refresh the classic design for the modern Mac universe," Green says. "In thinking about bringing it back to market, I visualised Curve as a thin metal ribbon - kind of like a Möbius strip. Utilizing aluminum with a matte black finish, Curve is a fresh remix of the original classic that looks simply stunning, especially when supporting the new Space Grey MacBooks."

The Curve stand is available now.

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