LG Display Goes All Out on OLED

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LG Display has big plans for OLED technology-- the company announces the investment of almost $7 billion (or 7.8 trillion Korean won) over the next 3 years in OLED panel production in order to meet demand from smartphone and TV makers.

LG OLEDsThe company plans to open 3 OLED production lines, two in S. Korea and one in China. Both will produce glass and plastic panels suitable for next-generation smartphones and in-vehicle displays. In addition, around $2.5bn will go in the development of larger OLED displays, while $4.5bn will go towards a separate line of flexible OLEDs.

As a result, the total LG is investing in OLED technology totals $13.5 billion (15 trillion Korean won). The success of recently launched OLED panels for TVs such as the Wallpaper OLED and Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) is cited as part of the reason behind such spending.

"We're clearly seeing the possibilities the OLED business offers, not only in the global TV segment, but also in the smartphone and automotive markets," LG Display says. "We plan to actively respond to customers' demands by expanding OLED capacity in a timely manner and developing diversified flexible displays that are fit for various applications."

Go LG Display Announces OLED Investment Plans