How to Add a Touchscreen to the MacBook Air

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Neonode announces a 13-inch MacBook Air version of the AirBar-- a plug-and-touch means to add touchscreen functionality to non-touch laptops via what the company calls zForce AIR technology.

AirBar MacThe AirBar is a slim aluminium bar one magnetically attaches to the bezel underneath the MacBook Air display. It plugs in via USB, and users may either immediately plug-and-touch or install multi-touch software, and it allows users to touch the screen with anything from a gloved finger to a paintbrush.

Supported interactions include scrolling through emails, reading eBooks and zooming in on images. The AirBar requires 17mm of free space below the display, which is why it is not compatible with the MacBook Pro, 12-inch MacBook or 11-inch MacBook.

“The launch of AirBar for MacBook Air is one example of how Neonode’s multisensing technology can change the way we interact with machines,” Neonode says. “The positive response we have seen for AirBar strengthens us in our conviction that our technology is becoming increasingly relevant. It is also a proof point of Neonode’s ability to deliver innovative solutions, standalone or together with our customers.”

Also announced by the company are two new AirBar sizes for Windows 10 laptops, 14- and 15.6-inch.

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