A 360-Degree Dashcam for Auto Protection

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Dashcam maker Waylens announces the Secure360-- a dashcam that, as the name might suggest, shoots 360-degree photos and videos for a more full view of car and its surroundings.

Secure 360However, what makes the Secure360 interesting is its ability to monitor the car even when no one is in it. Essentially it acts as a security camera, constantlly taking video. Users can livestream video via smartphone app, and it even features an embedded accelerometer and gyroscope to detect "events" and alert users in case anyone tries to attack or steal the car.

In addition, it also uploads video to the cloud via 4G connectivity for extra security. For customers not wanting such a level of protection Waylens also offers a wifi-only version of the Secure360-- making a 360-degree dashcam designed for use during driving.

The wifi-only version of the Secure360 should ship from November 2017, followed by the 4G-enabled version on Q1 2018.

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