TVMucho Brings a New Vertical Market: Expats

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Vertical marketing. We all know it is the way to get closer to customers.

TVMuchoNow TVMucho brings you to a "sleeper" vertical market that has been underestimated.  There are 6.5m expats in Spain, 7.8m in the UK, 10m in Germany, 2m in the Netherlands and more than 45m in the U.S.

TVMucho is a software-based product that offers access to TV broadcasts from users’ home countries. TVMucho works on smart TVs, set top-boxes, PCs, Mac, mobile and tablet devices anywhere in the world.

There are no regional blocks so no computer or VPN/IP shield is required.

TVMucho targets a huge worldwide group. "We've spent a lot of time and effort researching those expat customers, and we can claim to understand them better than any other TV provider," says Vincent Weberink, CEO at TVMucho.

Surprisingly, TV providers have paid little or no attention to the expat market. Local TV providers don't offer much foreign programming, while global providers deliver strictly regionalised services.

Expats who want to access TV from their home countries have to research and buy third-party solutions – more expensive and less flexible ones such as satellite dishes,  IPTV boxes, or those low-bandwidth TV-on-PC Internet services.

Expats -- and travelers who make frequent trips overseas -- appreciate any opportunity to view TV in their own language. TV helps them stay in tune with the political scene at home, enables them to understand the national events that matter, and keeps their kids fluent in their mother tongue. In short, they see TV as a way to stay connected with their own cultures.

With TVMucho they can watch directly on their TV or device, It’s easy to use, and comes with a TV program guide, on-demand/catch-up feature and 7 day recording (personal Digital Video Recording).

Your buyers don’t need any complicated software or expensive equipment to watch live TV from their home country.

TVMucho is plug and play, and there are various different subscription packs (10.000 recording hours included in the basic version) to match whatever any expat wants to watch.

TVMucho is a way to claim the expat niche in your area: you can offer them “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” TV from their home country.

"TVMucho’s unique TV streaming products are sold through a global network of authorized resellers and affiliates," notes Weberink.  "We offer our reseller partner great margins and recurring revenue, and with full marketing support (collateral and % based refund model."

"Retailers and resellers can add a product line-up that provides good margin and growing income." he adds. "No quotas, no pressure. Just a pleasant and profitable relationship."

"We even have a TVMucho OEM Programme suitable for bundling and integration with a manufacturer's or distributor's digital products and TV related hardware. Setup is easy and the user experience is extraordinary..."

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