Epson Intros Home Cinema 4000 Projector

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Epson announces the Home Cinema 4000-- a projector using the company's 4K Enhancement technology to display 4K content from three (R, G, B) native 1920x1080 LCDs using a pixel-shining technique.

Home Cinema 4000The projector features a 140000:1 contrast ratio and brightness clocking at 2200, and supports HDR10. Powering such projection is a 3LCD engine able to achieve wide colour gamut covering the entire Rec. 709 and DCI-P3 colour spaces, while a smart motorised lens has 10 presents for powered focus, zoom and lens shift.

Connectivity comes through a pair of HDMI ports, while an optical audio output allows users to connect an external sound system.

The Home Cinema 4000 is available by end June 2017.

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