Withings Becomes Nokia Body

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Nokia finalises its April 2016 purchase of Withings-- the French health and wearables company now bears the name Nokia Body, while Withings products get a Nokia rebranding.

Nokia HealthAs a result, the Withings Body scale has been renamed to "Nokia Body Plus", the Withings Body Cardio is the "Nokia Body Cardio" and the Steel HR fitness-tracking watch is now known being sold as the "Nokia Steel HR." On the other hand the Aura sleep tracker is no more, since the company says it has been "on the market for a while" (having launched since 2014).

The rebranding also brings new products-- the Body smart scale, BPM+ blood pressure monitor and a Health mate app. The Body is connected scale able to solely tracky body weight, with no BMI or other functionality. Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity allows users to easily sync weight data with the companion app, and it is the lowest-cost smart scale offered by Nokia.

On the other hand the BPM+ is a redesigned version of the existing Withings blood pressure monitor. It features a cuff made with a softer material, is medical CE approved, and measures heart rate as well as systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

All Nokia and Withings products pair with the Health Mate, a mobile device app offering a cleaner design and the addition of coaching programs. On launch the app includes the Sleep Smarter, Better Body, Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart and Leaderboard programs, all built by health professionals. Or so Nokia claims, at any rate.

The above mentioned Nokia health products are available now with the exception of the Nokia Steel HR, which should launch later on Q3 2017.

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