Microsoft Hides Fingerprint Sensor in Modern Keyboard

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Microsoft quietly adds a pair of peripherals to its online storefront-- the Modern Keyboard and Modern Mouse, both featuring Bluetooth 4.0 allowing use with any device compatible with the wireless standard.

Microsoft Modern KeyboardThe Modern Keyboard has a low profile aluminium frame Microsoft claims is "virtually indestructible" while matching the sleek design of the Surface product line. It can be used with either wireless or wired connection, has a built-in battery promising up to 2 months on a single charge, and is compatible with Windows 10, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

However what makes the Modern Keyboard rather interesting is a fingerprint sensor nestled between the Alt and Ctrl keys. It is compatible with Windows 10 devices, and allows users to unlock their PCs through Windows Hello and a finger press.

Meanwhile the Modern Mouse is a self explanatory-- a rodent with a smooth, round design, nearly invisible buttons and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It runs on a pair of AAA alkaline batteries (included) and Microsoft fails to specify a PPI rating even as it promises "exceptional precision."

The Modern Keyboard and Modern Mouse are listed on the Microsoft website as "coming soon."

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