Alphabet's Health Study Smartwatch

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Verily, the life sciences spinoff of Google umbrella company Alphabet, has a slick-looking smartwatch designed for use in observational and longitudinal health studies.

Verily watchDubbed the Study Watch, the device has a low-power ePaper-style display and carries "multiple physiological and environmental sensors, designed to measure relevant signals for studies spanning cardiovascular, movement disorders, and other areas.” Verily says the battery lasts up to a week on a single charge, and the smartwatch encrypts health data before upload and processing on the cloud.

A blog post announcing the device reveals how it was designed with the intention of getting users to wear it constantly-- something of a challenge for consumer wearable makers. For instance, large internal storage and data compression allow it to store data for relatively long periods of time without need for constant syncing, while the always-on display shows the time just like a regular analog watch. However it but does not feature any notifications other than "certain instructions."

Unfortunately, customers interested in the device are out of luck, since it currently only finds use by Verily partners in a number of medical studies. That said, should it find success in such trials it might provide wearable makers (such as Google itself) with pointers on how to create a more appealing smartwatch.

Go Introducing the Verily Study Watch