April Reveal for New iPad Pro?

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Apple plans an "early April" launch for the rumoured 10.5-inch iPad Pro, DigiTimes reports-- with the date chosen to "mark the inauguration" of the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

iPad trioApparently the tablet was initially slated for a May/June release, but DigiTimes says Apple "moved ahead the production" for the aforementioned inauguration. Earlier rumours suggested the event would take place in March, but since the month is already halfway through with no sign of an event in sight, the thought of such an can be safely scrapped.

Further collaborating on the DigiTimes story is Macrumors, whose "reliable supply chain source" says Apple will announce products some day between 20 and 24 March.

What products does Apple plan to reveal? DigiTimes says the company plans to target the education and business sectors, with the rumoured 10.5-inch iPad and refreshed 12.9-inch model being "mainstream products" for the mid-tier and high-end segments of the tablet market. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro should be little more than a refresh, but the 10.5-inch version will supposedly have a nearly bezel-free display, allowing for a device with the physical dimensions of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The grapevine also suggests Apple is working on a lower-end 9.7-inch iPad Pro and a 7.9-inch model, but these sound unlikely seeing how Apple is currently focusing on big tablets. Either way we should learn more in the near future.

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