TAG Heuer Presents Modular Smartwatch

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Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer announces a second take at the smartwatch-- the Connected Modular 45, an Android Wear device the company describes as one of the most customisable around.

TAG Heuer modularThe "modular" part of the Connected Modular 45 comes in the shape of interchangable 45mm watch "heads," with a choice of either connected or mechanical modules. The connected module comes courtesy of Intel, since it features an Atom Z34XX CPU (on a Swiss-made motherboard), an AMOLED display, 4GB built-in storage and connectivity via wifi, GPS and NFC. On the Swiss-made mechanical side one can choose from the Calibre 5 or the more accurate Heuer O2T Tourbillon.

The rest of the watch is also interchangeable, including “modules, horns, bracelets and buckles.”  The core Connected Modular 45 range comes in 11 basic designs, with watch modules in either black or silver and multi-colour straps in rubber, leather, titanium or ceramic. TAG Heuer also offers 45 additional options including premium materials such as patent leather, rose gold and even diamonds.

In total, the company says 56 different designs are available, and when one adds the various materials it leads to over 500 design combinations.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is available now.

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