Logi ZeroTouch Gets Alexa

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The Logi ZeroTouch hands-free auto solution gets a second voice control option through the integration of Alexa, the Amazon take on voice-powered assistants.

Logi ZeroTouchAlexa integration also brings more functionality-- as well as sending texts and telling GPS directions, Alexa can answer questions, control connected devices and even allow one to make a spot of online shopping while driving. In addition the ZeroTouch app can send and read emails and accept calendar invitations.

Currently the ZeroTouch product offering comes in two flavours-- AirVent and Dashboard. The mounts hold the smartphone in place via magnets, and as one might imagine install on either air vents or dashboard.

The Alexa-enabled update for the ZeroTouch app is available now, as is the ZeroTouch auto mount range.

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