Apple Moving Auto Efforts to AR?

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According to well connected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple is shifting gears in its much rumoured automotive project-- the company is now supposedly working on an "autonomous driving system" complete with augmeted reality.

Apple carAs seen in a report obtained by MacRumors, such a system will support augmented reality to provide an "innovative user experience."

"All of Apple’s past successes were related to human-machine interfaces, such as mouse for Mac, click wheel for iPod, and multi-touch for iPhone and iPad," Ming-Chi Kuo writes. "Assuming Apple successfully develops AR, we predict the firm will enjoy the following competitive advantages: (1) redefining existing key products and leading competitors by 3 to 5 years. For instance, this could happen for iPhone, iPad and Mac; (2) eliminating obstacles of Apple Watch and Apple TV by offering an innovative user experience; and (3) entering new business fields, such as autonomous driving system."

The analyst adds the AR market will grow to be larger than VR by 2018, taking to the mainstream by the time Apple reveals its take on the technology. And just as well, since the company has made no secret in its interest in AR, with CEO Tim Cook in favour of AR over VR in a number of occasions.

Cook says AR is more important than VR due to its allowing people to "be very present," allowing users to engage with one another while interacting with virtual objects. Rumours suggest an Apple research team is working on VR headsets, even if Cook's comments on AR point the company be more heavily invested in that technology.

Go Apple Said to be Considering Augmented Reality for Car Driving System (MacRumors)