Acer is Now in Pet Care. Really.

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Acer Jason Chen

The world’s first notebook with a curved screen and the world’s first eye-tracking gaming desktop monitor took a back seat to newer product categories at Acer's IFA press conference.

With PC sales declines, Acer used IFA, the consumer electronics show, to announce the widening its business targets. Acer opened its press conference with an announcement of a new acquisition-- Pawbo-- and its entry into the market of pet technology. Or more specifically, social media devices for pet owners.

This may be an unexpected step into new territory for Acer, but it is well documented as a $100 billion market. President and CEO Jason Chen was able to get more than a few chuckles by pointing out the USA population is adding pets at twice the rate of human babies. And Acer wasn't the only pet technology at IFA...

For another example of this emerging category, see Austria's Tractive GmbH).


Yet Pawbo+ may be one of the most extensive lines. The highlight is an interactive wireless pet camera letting you stay in touch with your pets and share their lives (even their night life, thanks to infrared.) There is an extended line of Munch, Catch and Punch units that invite pet interaction.

But it’s not just pets you turn to when PC sales fall. Acer has jumped into sports (with their Xplova computer for serious cycling)-- and tiptoed into senior care.


At IFA, Acer announced Swisscom will begin a pilot programme with Acer’s grandPad, a senior tablet with patent-pending features for those over the age of 75.

Last year’s entry in gaming spun out the Predator sub-brand. At IFA you can see an extended Predator line-- including the world’s first eye-tracking gaming desktop monitor and Predator 21 X, the world’s first notebook with a curved screen (as well as eye-tracking technology.)

The peak point of the conference came when IMAX joined Acer on the IFA stage to introduce their VR experience centers based on StarVR, the new joint venture with Starbreeze AB for building and selling the StarVR Head-Mounted Display.

Pet care technology, gaming, seniors, and cycling... in the midst of this widening of interests, Acer expands its convertible notebook offerings with its Spin range.

Acer’s new Swift ultra-thin, lightweight notebooks feature the extremely thin Swift 7 (0.39 inches or 9.98 mm) with up to 9 hours of battery life.

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