The AOC AGON Gaming Monitor Range

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AOC AGON MonitorsDisplay maker AOC presents a premium gaming monitor line-- AGON, with 10 models set to launch in 2016 featuring either IPS or TN panels within both standard and curved options.

All the AGON monitors will feature either Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync technology for flicker-free gaming, as well as response times of just 1ms, 144Hz and higher refresh rates, height-adjustable stands, speakers and USB 3.0 ports. Monitor sizes will range from 24-inch 16:9 to 35-inch ultra-wide, while resolution include HD, QHD and 4K.

In addition AOC promises "an elegant and stylish finish" on the rear of the monitors to "perfectly supplement high-end gaming battle stations."

The first AGON monitors should reach European markets from June 2016.

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