B&O Gets LG OLEDs for Future TVs

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Bang & Olufsen announces a "strategic technology partnership" with LG-- one providing the Danish company with OLED panels for future TVs, as well as help it improve long-term profitability.

B&OThe first of such OLED TVs are slated to launch in 2017. With LG taking care on the display side of things, B&O says it will be able to concentrate on its core competencies, namely acoustics and design, while improving supply chain, development, production and services.

“This partnership with LG will enable B&O to stay at the forefront of innovation in the TV category, a category which is currently undergoing significant change and which is very important to B&O," the company says. "The partnership will address B&O’s key challenges related to scale and complexity.”

LG partnership aside, not all is well in B&O's designer world-- according to Reuters the company has failed to make a profit over the past 3 years, and has has been dealing with a "potential offeror" since November 2015. Analyst suggest the deal with LG will help the B&O retain its independence, or at least make it a more attractive acquisition.

Go B&O Enters Strategic Technology Partnership With LG

Go B&O Boosted by Technology Partnership With LG (Reuters)