The iPhone-Powered Sleep Monitor

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Misfit, maker of the Shine activity tracker, launches a means for customers to keep track of sleep patterns-- the Beddit Sleep System, a "paper thin" sensor designed to be placed on mattresses, just under a sheet.

BedditAccording to the company the sensor is "the world's thinnest," and tracks sleep cycles and sleep quality through heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring and ambient sound. In turn it pushes collected data to smartphones equipped with a companion Misfit app via Bluetooth.

It also provides a variety of "gentle sleep sounds" and even ensures users are woken up during light sleep cycles.

Misfit adds the Beddit pairs with the Shine movement tracker to provide a "comprehensive solution for 24/5 wellness monitoring."

This is actually not the Beddit's first appearance-- before its makers paired up with Misfit the device was crowdfunded via preorders on a 2013 Indiegogo campaign.

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