The 2-in-1 Battery and Charging Cable

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JUMP CableNative Union presents a novel take on the spare mobile device charger with the JUMP Cable-- a charging cable with a built-in 800mAh battery providing faster charging and an extra bit of power.

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the JUMP cable recharges up to 20-30% of a smartphone's battery, at least according to the company, all while serving as a regular charger cable replacement.

A small square box in the middle of the cable hides the battery. When not in use it holds the cable snugly in place, with slots holding the connectors. AutoCharge technology ensures that once a device is fully charged power is redirected to the battery.

One end features a USB port and the second end comes in two versions-- either micro-USB (for Androids) or Lighting (for iDevices).

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