Roccat Shows Off Sova Gaming Keyboard

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Roccat SovaHamburg-based accessory maker Roccat shows off a gaming keyboard with a twist at E3 2014-- the Sova, a wireless keyboard equipped with an adjustable mouse pad allowing users to play PC games on the couch.

The keyboard features aluminium construction, "ergonomic" palm rest, padded leg rests and Cherry MX keys with per-key illumination. Users can extend and retract the mouse pad for their preferred position with a USB port taking care of connection duties.

In addition it also syncs with the company's own Power Grid smartphone app, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and SteamOS devices.

The Sova is still a work in progress, but should ship within the next few months as the company is "still absorbing feedback from consumers and press to craft the final, optimal SOVA iteration."

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