Lost Device Finding Tile Ships

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The Tile Bluetooth-powered lost device finder is now shipping, the company behind the square-shaped tracking dongle announces via Twitter, with an initial batch of customers to receive orders by June 2014.

Tile The Tile was revealed back in 2013 with a Selfstarter preorder/crowdfunding campaign worth $2.6 million. The miniature tag allows users not only find their lost devices (via combination of Bluetooth LE and companion app) but also help others hunt down their valuables, since the app picks up the location of any Tile, regardless of owner.

According to the company if a Tile user passes in range of a tag the app picks the location and privately sends it to its owner. It's a neat concept, if limited by the actual size of the Tile user network in the area.

According to the company Tiles have a lifespan of around 1 year, and do not feature a replaceable battery.

The Selfstarter campaign was successful enough to gather 50000 customers in 34 days, but while initial shipments were promised to start by Q4 2013 the makers failed to meet deadlines.

In the meantime customers got plenty of similar alternatives to choose from, including the Duet, TrackR, StickNFind and Lapa.

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