Patriot Brings Brand to Mobile

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Patriot logo

If the logo looks familiar, it should. For almost 30 years, the Patriot brand has battled it out with competitors large and small to carve out a significant share of the computer memory and flash markets.

Like other consumer IT brands (like Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Acer and others) Patriot believes in the growing market for mobile device accessories. All the brands in consumer IT are following the platform change to mobile. Given their brands are already known and on shelves, extending those brands to mobile makes sense to dealers and distributors.

These brands were forged in intense competition and the winners are veterans who learned to compete in the fast-changing, demanding consumer markets.

Accessories aren’t new to Patriot, nor is mobility for that matter.  More than seven years ago, this captain of the DRAM and Flash business started in mobile storage accessories.

A separate Patriot product team for accessories and peripherals has already developed enough products to account for more than 10% of Patriot’s turnover.

“We’re not going after the me-too,” says Michael Chang, Product Manager at Patriot. “In consumer IT, we’ve developed our business as an engineering-driven company, with the competence to compete against the best. That’s our same strategy in the development of compelling products for emerging mobile markets.”


One example of that product development is FUEL+, portable chargers that are compatible with nearly every USB powered device including smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices, and cameras. Ranging in battery size from 1500mAh up to 9000mAh, the FUEL+ product family features a line to fit the needs of any mobile user. To safeguard against under-discharge, over-charge, and short-circuit, FUEL+ comes with built-in protection for efficient and safe charging cycles.

The FUEL+ also features power pass-through technology that enables the battery to be charged when plugged in to a USB or wall outlet, while charging devices. The convenient design also includes one high output 2.5A port for faster charging compared to other competing brands.

“The last generation of consumers liked to store and save,” notes Chang. “The new generation wants to stream and consume in the cloud. They need their devices to be charged and ready so they recognize battery life is the Achilles Heel of mobile. We believe we have built a better battery charger, one that can be appreciated by users of ubiquitous on-line services from their Apple, Samsung or other mobile device makers.”

One advantage of having a wide range of products is the opportunity to create consumer-pulling bundles. Patriot combines the new FUEL+ with an OTG (On-the-Go) compatible SD/microSD card reader and 16GB (or 32GB) microSD card to create a Patriot’s Mobile Power and Storage Kit. The Cosmos OTG compatible card reader provides an easy solution for file transfers and increases the storage of compatible smartphones and tablets.


Patriot’s range of mobile accessories and peripherals doesn’t end with power chargers and flash OTG (On-the-Go). They also sell mobile keyboard cases for iPad, Lightning cables, tablet cases, wireless USB adapters, and mobile storage. And Chang promises some new innovations later this year…

Bringing innovation to market is never easy, but the American-based company has an office in the Netherlands who will work with dealers and distributors looking to profit from the growing mobile platform opportunity.

“Patriot brings a big advantage to companies that want a range of accessories, but prefer a brand,” says Arjan van de Broek, European Sales Manager. “In the mobile market, there are many knock-off products from China but they are so cheap and of such low quality they have no real brand presence in channel. These products can detrimental to the seller’s reputation if the consumer has a poor experience.”

“Patriot’s products and brand are already on shelves in computer, office, photo, and general merchandise stores throughout the world, including Europe. We are constantly reviewed in publications—all this has a knock-on effect that can make our new range perfect for niche distributors, Apple Premium Resellers or mobile communications outlets.”

Van de Broek continues, “The mobile market has attracted many newcomers and start-ups. Some will be one-hit wonders and some who will disappear as quickly as they enter. Think about some of the clever products that have already come and gone because the newbie company doesn’t know how to sustain and grow the innovation.

“When a distributor, retailer, etailer or OEM signs with Patriot, they don’t have to worry about the stability of their supplier.  Or whether the company is up to what happens next in the marketplace. They want a supplier that has proven it can continually innovate in a market that twists and turns as it rushes into the future.”

Patriot says one of its core strengths is channel management, a system honed sharp by the consumer IT marketplace. That strength has propelled Patriot forward in its home market of North America.

“I think many distributors and dealers prefer to work with an American company because they are more flexible,” notes Van de Broek. “And it is reassuring to buyers in Europe to know that Patriot is a winner in its home market. They don’t have to gamble on mobile accessory and peripheral manufacturers with no track record. They already know you can’t win in USA unless you know the industry and can meet the technological and economic pressures of the marketplace.”

“We are working hard to develop products that will add utility and make mobile life easier,” adds Chang. "Patriot has nearly 30 years of experience at innovating in fast growing markets. Any distributor or dealer can expect Patriot to keep abreast of the market with consistent product launches that keep the brand state-of-the-art for continued sales and market share growth."

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