Logitech Takes on iPhone Cases

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Logitech launches its first iPhone accessories-- the Case+, a modular case and accessory lineup promising "beautiful design" and "unparalleled function" via modular magnet-based system.

Logitech Case+The result of 2013 Logitech acquisition TT Design Labs (the startup behind Kickstarter-backed TidyTilt), the Case+ consists of a case with a metal plate on the back. The metal plate offers extra protection and allows the magnetic mounting of further accessories such as a kickstand, external battery, wallet and in-car mount.

The +Tilt looks like a miniature version of the iPad Smart Cover, and provides a combo of iPhone kickstand and earbud wrap. Being magnetic it also allows users to attach the smartphone to any metal surface for hands-free use.

Meanwhile the self-explanatory +Energy is a 2300mAh battery one can "snap" to the cover before connecting to the phone via U-shaped Lightning connector. A row of LEDs acts as a fuel gauge, and a micro-USB port allows charging of non-iDevices.

As for the +Wallet, Logitech says it turns the case "into a slim, stylish wallet that conveniently keeps cards and cash at your fingertips."

The final accessory is the +Drive, a 2-piece in-car phone mount. It attaches to windscreens or dashboards via suction cup, locks into place with a single twist action and features a universal adaptor for the attachment of a second smartphone.

So far Logitech only speaks of US availability (from May 2014), but a European launch should follow soon enough.

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