LG, Harman/Kardon Team Up in TV Audio

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LG TV SoundLG partners up with Harman/Kardon in the development of advanced TV audio technology-- the ULTRA Surround system, to be found in two LG OLED TVs and 5 UHD/4K models.

The speaker system promises cinema-style levels of viewer immersion, with "even, distortion-free sound with deep bass and a wide bandwidth." A state-of-the-art algorithm produces convincing 3D soundscapes, while the speakers distribute sound in multiple directions and balance foreground and background noise.

The two companies claim the audio system allows viewers to clearly listen to on-screen dialog even during scenes featuring heavy rain.

"Nearly every epic entertainment experience combines a powerful auditory element with spectacular visuals,” LG says. “To help excite and move viewers, Harman/Kardon and LG developed an exceptionally powerful audio system together that is able to match our superior picture quality and fit within the sleek, slender frames of our premium TVs."

Go LG-Harman/Kardon Collaboration Introduces Extraordinary Sound to OLED and UHD TVs