Intel Preps Entry-Level "Braswell"

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Intel announces the successor to the power-efficient Bay Trail processor series at Intel Developer Forum Shenzhen-- "Braswell," an architecture ideal for entry-level systems.

Intel The system-on-a-chip is built using a 14nm manufacturing process, and promises to be more efficient than 22nm Haswell and Bay Trail CPUs it should replace. It is designed for use in low-cost PCs, including Chromebooks, budget desktops and hybrids.

Broadwell also makes an appearance as the first Intel products built using the 14nm process.

Further IDF announcements includie an Intel-developed 64-bit Android 4.4 kernel and co-developments with Chinese companies such as a QVOD media box promising "anytime, anywhere, interactive entertainment," a Widi-enabled Xiaomi STB and SKUs from CZC, THD, Jumper and Lengda.

Chipzilla also plans to release upgraded Bay Trail CPUs from H2 2014 featuring better graphics and enhanced security, as well as the elimination of over 500 board components for even material costs.

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