Who Wants to Be a Multi-Billionaire?

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg may be one of the most prominent faces in high tech...but his $13.3 billion leaves him 66 places down on the new Forbes list of billionaires. And 10th place out of the high tech billionaires.

BillionaireMicrosoft co-founder Paul Allen ranks 9th with $15 billion although he has spent so much time away from high tech industry and in sports, real estate, yachting and more. Sure, he published his biography last year and dissed Gates...but it's hard to consider Allen one of us these days.

Had he stuck with Microsoft, maybe Steve Ballmer wouldn't rank above him in wealth with $15.2 billion. Monkey Man videos and all the abuse Ballmer has taken for being Number Two to Gates..and the Forbes cover naming him The World's Worst CEO...well, it must be all worthwhile sitting on the billionare list.

Michael Dell is next with $15.3 billion and if his plan to take Dell private works, he may keep rising up the ranks.

Google's Don't-Be-Evil Sergey Brin is 6th in Tech Billionaire Land with $22.8 billion. And cohort Larry Page is next $23 billion.  If Paige succeeds in mining asteroids (yes, an out-of-this-world real live project) then his ranking could grow astronomically (so-to-speak).

The Man That Retail Hates, Amazon's Jeff Bezos has seen his worth driven from $6.8 billion to $25.2 billion by rising stock values.

Industry Bad Boy, Larry Ellison, proves Google's motto wrong and cashes in on 3rd richest man in high tech position with $43 billon. He just bought Lanai, an island of Hawaii which no doubt ticked off a lot of Japanese bidders.

After Ellison there's a big gap and a jump to $67 billion. You might think that would be one lucky man but Bill Gates probably hates the Number Two position.

So who is the richest man in high tech? That would be Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim Helú who also holds the title The Richest Man in the World.

At $73 billion, he holds a lot of mobile and telecom stock.

If you find him hard to accept as high tech, Bill Gates accepts Number one and Samsung's Lee Kun-Hee climbs onto Tech's Top 10 although he is only worth $13 billion.

Nick WoodmanWhat about Mrs. Jobs and family, you ask? Even less at $10.7 billion.

The big surprise on the Billionaires list wasn't in the Top 100. Just the fact that Nick Woodman, the 37-year old who stated the fastest growing imaging company, made the Forbes billionaire list at all is the real shocker. He started GoPro who now hold about 21.5% of digital camcorder shipments in USA and about 33% of pocket camcorders.

Last December GoPro was the highest-grossing digital imaging brand at Best Buy (No one else has ever bested Sony on Best Buy's camera shelves.)

So, yes, Cisco really did screw up with Flip cameras: the opportunity was there.

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