Soundbar Uptake Slow in Europe

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Futuresource reports European markets are "slow" in adopting soundbars-- European soundbar shipments account for less than 20% of global 2011 soundbar shipments.

SoundbarHow come? Maybe European retailers are still slow in taking up the general soundbar concept. The lack of space in European homes (especially compared to US counterparts) doesn't help much, either.

Retailers in the US "vigorously" promote soundbars, often bundling TV sets and soundbars at a discount. The US counts for around 66% of 2011 WW soundbar shipments.

The analyst says the global soundbar market totals 2.5m units in 2011, and is set to grow further as both vendors and retailers target soundbars at customers who lack the cash, space or even interest to purchase a complete home theatre system but " believe the sound of their TV would benefit from a little extra investment."

Go Soundbar Shipments on the Rise (Futuresource)