Sony's CES Presents the Boombox

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If you had to lift a boombox over your head (maybe to do like John Cusack in Say Anything), the Sony RDH-GTK33iP speaker dock should be a good-- if heavy-- choice.

Sony BoomboxThe system is around 90cm wide and 30cm tall and carries a 420W amp feeding x2 stereo speakers (with x2 tweeters and 6" woofers), all inside a heavy duty design. Audio comes through 30-pin iPod/iPhone connector and USB, RCA and line-in ports.

To make things even more impressive (or annoying) each of the twin speakers have colour-changing LED lights pulsating to the music-- with colour schemes including "Forest," "Passion," "Rainbow" or just plain "Random."

Sony has no announcements on availability yet, but the speaker dock should hit the market sometime in 2012.

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