Sony’s Alpha Digital SLR

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Sony Sony’s top-of-the-range digital SLR camera made an appearance at the Photo Imaging Expo in Tokyo The model has a full-frame sensor with a resolution of 24.6 megapixels and image stabilization. So you’ll see it at IFA or Photokina this autumn.

8 EU States Ahead of US in Broadband

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Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden are world leaders in broadband with penetration rates over 30% by end of 2007, says the European Commission’s 13th Progress Report on the Single Telecoms Market.


UK, Belgium, Luxembourg and France also had penetration rates higher than US (22.1%) in July 2007. 19 million broadband lines were added in the EU in 2007 (more than 50,000 households every day). The broadband sector generated revenues of € 62 billion and Europe’s overall penetration reached 20%.




Future According to Gates

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Bill Gates says he expects the next decade to bring even greater technological leaps than the past 10 years, especially in the ways people interact with computers: speech-recognition, tablets that recognize handwriting, and touch-screens.


Gates also sees rapid changes in media as TV increasingly becomes a targeted medium, where viewers can select niche content for news, sports and entertainment. "TV will be based on the Internet; it will be an utterly different thing," declares Bill.


Go Bill Talks at Stanford

Wal-Mart Drops Low-Cost Linux PC

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No more will you see Everex's Linux-based PC in WalMart stores. The customer response to the US$199 Everex TC2502 Green gPC desktop was not as high as expected, says the store.


Wal-Mart was supposed to continue to sell the Everex PC through its Web site. But if you look, the web says “Not available online.”

Go Climbing Down Everex

Tech Guys Go Europe

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DSGi John CollinsDSGi's chairman Sir John Collins says Tech Guys service across Europe.

"Business as usual won't wash anymore – you are either specialist or generalist. In these tough times, there is no future in no-man's land," he told a conference.

"I have the greatest respect for the hypermarkets. They can create efficiencies very quickly. They will continue to have a place for selling electronics competitively, but they cannot reach the service levels of the specialists. Go More about Tech Guys 

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