Philips, Broadcom Point the Way in RC

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Broadcom announces its partnership with Philips Home Control in remote control device development.

Phlips remotes

The two company's collaboration will lead to development of devices operated by gestural controls. Broadcom is involved in the introduction of gestural controls for video game consoles.

Also mentioned are touchpad remote controls and wireless mini-keyboards. These devices would all connect via Broadcom's bluetooth technology.

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Microsoft Signs Samsung to WIN Phone7

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Samsung announces an agreement to use Windows Phone 7 as a key component of its future smartphones.

Samsung Windows Phone

The company plans to launch several Windows Phone 7 devices.

Samsung's Simon Stanford says the new smartphones will play a key role in the company's market strategy. These combine Samsung's latest hardware design and technology with Microsoft services including Xbox LIVE, Office, Windows Live and Bing.

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Saudi Arabia's CE Market to Hit $4.8b

PDF Print E-mail projects Saudi Arabia's CE market at around $3.8 billion, and expects it to grow up to $4.8 billion by 2014.

Saudi CE Market increase

The popularity of LCD TV sets, notebooks and mobile phones drives this growth together with the expansion of the electronics retail.

Computer sales account for around 46% of Saudi CE spending, with notebook sales driving growth.

AV accounts for 32%, with increased sales in flat panel sets compensating for decrease in overall TV set demand.

Mobile devices account for 22% of CE spending. As mobile subscriber penetration grows, demand increases for smartphones, PDAs and 3G handsets.

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Best Buy Fizzes Back Feedback

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Best Buy extends its use of Fizzback's customer feedback system to 1600 Phone House stores across Europe.

Best Buy

Fizzback's engagement platform gathers customer feedback from all channels and generates tailored responses. This info is passed to the appropriate staff members. You can also measure employee and store performance (compared within store and across other stores).

Carphone Warehouse already uses Fizzback at about 800 stores in the UK.

Phone House stores operate in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Ireland.

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Withings Weighs in With WiFi Scale

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Withings' body scale is the first connect to the internet via WiFi to upload users' weight data.

Withings WiFi Scale

The scale connects to the users' online account and uploads their weight data automatically whenever they weigh themselves. It recognises up to 8 different users. They can access their personal account and data through internet browser or iPhone app.

Weight data is used to monitor user progress. Users can allow their coach or nutritionist to access their data on their computer.

The Withings scale can also send body analysis data to a number online fitness tracking coaching services, such as dailyburn and RunKeeper.

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