HDMI Thrives While DVI Dives

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altBoth the rapid rise of HDMI and slow decline of DVI continues in 2008, reports In-Stat. The primary driver of HDMI's success is the CE segment, with HDMI ports being found on 95% of the digital TVs shipped worldwide in 2008, the greatest volume for HDMI in any product.

While DVI and HDMI are related high-bandwidth, unidirectional, uncompressed digital interface standards, most of DVI shipments occur in PC and PC peripheral markets.

HDMI starts to take off in mobile PCs as an interface that can operate in PC or CE cluster. New smaller HDMI connectors will capture added attention from portable electronic devices, including camcorders, digital still cameras, and portable media players.

In-Stat finds that DVI-enabled product shipments will decline at an annual rate of 30% through 2012. Over the same period, HDMI- enabled product shipments will increase at an annual rate of 23%.

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Full HD Video for Cell Phones by 2012

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Ericsson’s concept is the cellphone will be "a mobile device” in 2012, equipped with a 12 to 20 megapixel camera and HD camcorder.

The terminal's display will have XGA resolution. The operating frequency of the application processor will reach 1GHz. And Ericsson expects the device to support 100Mbps or faster LTE.

Current HSPA technology maxes out at 7.2Mbps. An extended version of HSPA will emerge in late 2008 with max speed of 21Mbps.

W-CDMA, with speed of 384Kbps, emerged in about 2002 so the capacity of data transmission has grown 60X in only 6 years. The early shift to LTE is scheduled in some regions including Japan, whereas HSPA and HSPA evolution are likely to remain the mainstream for some time to come in other regions, he said.

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Future of Consumer Electronics

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Free download. In this PowerPoint, Bob identifies some of the latest products and companies that will hit retail in the next 18 months. When you download his speech, watch it first in SlideShow mode. Then open the file to view NOTES below. There Bob has listed his original source material, contact details for many of the companies, and some of his own comments.

The audience at RETAILVISION in Dubai enjoyed this speech, so we hope you do, too.

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Different Shades of Green

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It’s time to expose Green for what it is. Like in real life, “green” comes in many shades. You’ve probably noticed these days how your hotel plays a Green card to trump its guests. A placard placed strategically in your hotel bathroom might read: “We join the hotels of the world who want to help our environment. If you leave your towel on the rack, you can help save the world. If you need it washed each day, then throw it in the tub, you selfish sob.” Part of you wants to help the world (and it really needs help.) And part of you knows the hotel (despite its high rates) wants you to help it save money and enhance hotel profits. What do you do? If you are a Libra like me, you probably throw it in the washtub on some days and save the world on other days. Others unshackled by their Birth Signs may decisively commit to one choice or the other. 


Slide show: the Future of Consumer Electronics

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